Why Digital Marketing Is Important For Small Businesses

  Effective digital marketing assists small businesses learn the online habits of customers so that they are able to better target ideal customers. It relies on solid market research in order to inform the next course of action. Smart small businesses do not make assumptions. They utilise digital tools in order to learn what their target customers search for as well as need. What Is The Importance Of Online Marketing For Small Businesses? The group of potential customers who are found online is a much larger group of people than small businesses are likely to be able to attract locally. Utilising digital marketing, you are able to reach an enormous audience in a way that is both cost-effective as well as measurable. Other advantages of online marketing for small businesses include the following: The ability to interact with your prospects as well as learn exactly what they are looking for. The ability to reach a worldwide marketplace. You are able to save money and reach more customers

"You are not my author. You can't write my story" Kaffy tells critics following her divorce announcement

Kaffy has reacted to criticisms she has received after announcing that her marriage to Joseph Ameh is over. The couple got married in 2012 and their union was blessed with 2 children.  Kaffy has now announced that she is divorced but it's amicable and she wishes the best for her ex-husband. Reacting, an Instagram user told her that by getting divorced, she has taught millions of youths that look up to her that "divorce is a thing to do". The Instagram user added: "You just showed us the wrong way, you just made kids that will grow with the stigma of divorce and the tails will show in time, you just chose the woke world way... "You just joined the bandwagon to promote the destruction of the first ministry God made on earth." Responding, Kaffyi told the Instagram user that he is not her "author". "You can't write my story to fit your narrative," the professional dancer added.     In a follow-up comment, the Instagram user told Kaffy an

Kanye West and Julia Fox coordinate their outfits as they step out for date night in Los Angeles

Kanye West and Julia Fox grabbed attention as they visited one of the most-trafficked celeb spots in Los Angeles for a dinner date night. The new couple coordinated their outfits for the outing. They arrived separately at Craig's on Monday night, Jan. 10, with Kanye wearing a grey hoodie, jeans, sunglasses and boots. Julia also wore similar colors, with a tight jacket, jeans, heels, and a handbag.   Kanye and Julia were joined by former Tampa Bay Buccaneer Antonio Brown, who is reportedly going to be making music with Ye in the near future.